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.Water & pH Scale

@. Why the pH of water is 7?: Ionization of water & pH Scale

@. Titration Curve of a Weak Acid and its pKa

@. How to Derive Henderson- Hasselbalch Equation?

@. Workout Problems: Calculation of pHpKa using Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation

@. Biological Significance of Water

@. How Hydrogen Bond is formed in Water?

@. Physical, Chemical & Unusual Properties of Water

@. Proton Hopping in Water (Grotthuss Mechanism)


@. Carbohydrates Part 1: Introduction – Properties

@. Carbohydrates Part 2: Monosaccharides

@. Carbohydrates Part 3: Disaccharides


@. Classification of Proteins based on Structure & Function

@. Bonds Involved in Protein Structure & Conformation

@. Difference between Collagen and Keratin


@. Enzyme Regulation Mechanisms

@. Specificity of Enzymes: (Enzyme – Substrate Specificity)

@. Enzyme Immobilization: Methods & Applications

Nucleic Acids (DNA & RNA)

@. Nucleotide Biosynthesis (de-novo & Salvage of Purines & Pyrimidines)

Lipids and Fats

@. Membrane Lipids: Properties, Structure & Classification

@. Difference between Fats and Oils

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