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@. Zoology Systematics (Taxonomy)

@. Arthropoda: General Characters

@. Arthropoda: Classification

@. Sub-phylum: Trilobitomorpha Characteristics

@. Sub-phylum: Chelicerata Characteristics

@. Class 1: Arachnida Characteristics
@. Class 2: Merostomata Characteristics
@. Class 3: Pycnogonida Characteristics

@. Sub-phylum: Myriapoda Characteristics

@. Class 1: Chilopoda Characteristics
@. Class 2: Diplopoda Characteristics
@. Class 3: Pauropoda Characteristics
@. Class 4: Symphyla Characteristics

@. Sub-phylum: Crustacea Characteristics

@. Class 1: Branchiopoda Characteristics
@. Class 2: Remipedia Characteristics
@. Class 3: Cephalocarida Characteristics
@. Class 4: Maxillopoda Characteristics
@. Class 5: Ostracoda Characteristics
@. Class 6: Malacostraca Characteristics

@. Sub-phylum: Hexapoda Characteristics 

@. Class 1: Insecta Characteristics
@. Class 2: Entognatha Characteristics

@. Difference between Centipedes and Millipedes

@. Epithelial Tissue (Structure, Classification & Examples)

@. Difference between Simple and Compound Epithelial Tissue

@. Difference between Keratinized and Non-keratinized Epithelial Tissues

@. Parasitic Adaptations- Morphological, Anatomical & Reproductive Adaptations

@. Difference between Cilia and Microvilli

@. Difference between A-Band and I-Band of Sarcomere

@. Difference between Primary and Secondary Myofilaments

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