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Plant Science PPT

The following are the links to Botany PowerPoint Presentations available with Easybiologyclass. You can download all the presentations in PPT and PDF format.

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Algae (Mycology)

@. Algae: General Characteristics PPT

@. Pigmentation in Algae PPT


Fungi (Mycology)

@. Fungi: General Characteristics PPT


Lichen (Lichenology)

@. Lichen: General Characteristics PPT


Plant Anatomy

@. Classification of Meristem PPT

@. Simple Tissue 1: Parenchyma PPT

@. Simple Tissue 2: Collenchyma PPT

@. Simple Tissue 3: Sclerenchyma PPT

@. Vascular Tissue 1: Xylem PPT

@. Vascular Tissue 2: Phloem PPT

@. Vascular Bundles: Structure and Classification PPT

@. Secretory Tissue System in Plants PPT

@. Anatomy of Dicot Stem PPT (Primary Structure)

@. Anatomy of Monocot Stem PPT


Plant Pathology

@. Enzymes Plant Pathogenesis PPT

@. Citrus Canker PPT

@. Blast Disease of Paddy PPT

@. Cassava Mosaic Disease PPT


Bryophytes (Moses, Liverworts & Hornworts)

@. Bryophytes: General Characteristics PPT




@. Pteridophytes General Characteristics PPT

@. Stelar Evolution in Pteridophytes



@. Gymnosperms General Characteristics – PPT

@. Classification of Gymnosperms – Chamberlain System PPT

@. Pteridospermales (Cycadofilicales) Characteristics – PPT

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