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Biology, the study of Life and Living Organisms, has many specializations within the broad field. The scope of Biology is enormous. This website provides you an opportunity to master different fields of Biology and to prepare yourself for different competitive examinations in the field of Life Sciences; thereby it enlightens you about the enormous scope of biology and leads you to different openings for higher studies and for a brighter career. Easy biology class (easybiologyclass) is a resource site for biology lovers especially students and teachers who wish to have a good grip over biology in an easy and enjoyable way. Here you can find free biology tutorials, video lectures, lecture notes, ppt presentations, and biology animations from different disciplines of biology/life sciences. We also introduce different competitive examinations in biology and what all are the career opportunities available for a Biology/Life science student. 

We cover topic vise lecture series in different disciplines of Life Science. Students and teachers can freely download the resource materials such as lecture notes, video lectures, model question papers etc. and can be used as your study materials. We also provides facilities for online practice tests in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format to test your knowledge in various disciplines of biology. One of our sections particularly aims to target students who seek to qualify CSIR-UGC-JRF-NET and GATE Examination. We provide previous year questions and expected model and sample questions for students to practice well and help them to smoothly achieve their goal. In our News page we regularly update various notifications of National and International events related to life sciences such as competitive examinations, job opportunities, important discoveries, conferences, workshops and seminars.

Our kind request to students and teachers is to share the contents and post your doubts so that each of you can help us to reach our primary goal of spreading the contents to everyone who wishes to explore the field of biology.

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