Difference between Sol and Gel: A Comparison Table

Sol vs Gel Comparison

Sol vs Gel
(Difference between Sol and Gel)

Sol, Gel and Emulsion are the different states of colloidal solutions.

Sol: The liquid state of a colloidal solution is called the sol.

Gel: The solid or semi-solid (Jelly like) stage of a colloidal solution is called the gel.

The present post discusses about the Difference between Sol and Gel.

Difference between Sol and Gel

Sl. No.SolGel
1Definition: The liquid state of a colloidal solution is called sol.Definition: The solid or semi-solid (Jelly like) stage of a colloidal solution is called gel.
2The sol does not have a definite structure.The gel possesses honeycomb like structure.
3The dispersion medium of the sol may be water (hydrosol) or alcohol (alcosol).The dispersion medium of gel will be hydrated colloid particles.
4The sol can be converted to gel by cooling.The gel can be converted to sol by heating.
5The sol can be easily dehydrated.The gel cannot be dehydrated.
6The viscosity of the sol is very low.The viscosity of the gel is very high.
7Sol is categorized into lyophobic and lyophilic sols.There is no such classification of gel.
8Example: BloodExample: Fruit jelly, cooked gelatin jelly

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