Symphyla General Characters (Phylum: Arthropoda, Sub-phylum: Myriapoda)

General characters of Symphyla

Symphyla Member (Wikipedia)

Systematic Position

Kingdom: Animalia
Sub-kingdom: Eumetazoa

Super-phylum: Ecdysosoa
Phylum: Arthropoda
Sub-phylum: Myriapoda
Class 4 : Symphyla

General characters of Symphyla:

Ø  Commonly called as garden centipedes or pseudo-centipedes

Ø  Looks similar to centipedes

Ø  Terrestrial soil dwelling arthropods

Ø  Herbivorous detritus feeders

Ø  They are translucent, lack body pigmentation

Ø  Body is divided into head and trunk

Ø  Juveniles have six pairs of legs

Ø  Additional legs are added at each moult

Ø  Eyes absent

Ø  Antennae (sense organ) is long and segmented

Ø  Three pairs of mouth parts

Ø  The have labium similar to insects

Ø  Mandibles, long first maxillae and second pair of maxillae form the labium (lower lip of mouth)

Ø  Disc like “Organ of Tomosvary” present at the base of antennae

Ø  Last body segment lack legs

Ø  Last body segment processes a pair of cerci (similar to insects)

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