Chelicerata – General Characters (Phylum Arthropoda)

Systematic position: 

Kingdom: Animalia
Sub-kingdom: Eumetazoa
Super-phylum: Ecdysosoa
Phylum: Arthropoda
Sub-phylum: Chelicerata

General Characters of Chelicerata

What is chelicerae

Chelicerae of a Spider (Green) (source Wikipedia)

Ø  Presence of chelicerae

Ø   Chelicerae is the modified anterior most appendages

Ø  Cephalothorax or prosoma with anterior six segments

Ø  Abdomen or opisthosoma with thirteen segments

Ø  Abdomen is divided into mesosoma and metasoma

Ø  Antennae completely absent

Classification of Chelicerata:

Sub-phylum Chelicerata includes three classes

Class 1: Arachnida

Class 2: Merostomata

Class 3: Pycnogonida

Classification of Chelicerata

Sub-Phylum Chelicerata and its Classes

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