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Plant Anatomy Short Notes

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@. Simple Tissue-1: Parenchyma – Structure & Functions + PPT

@. Simple Tissue-2: Collenchyma – Structure & Functions + PPT

@. Simple Tissue-3: Sclerenchyma -Structure & Functions + PPT

@. Stelar Evolution in Pteridophytes +PPT

@. Complex Tissue-1: Xylem – Structure & Classification

@. Complex Tissue-2: Phloem- Structure & Classification

@. Secretory Tissue System in Plants + PPT

@. Hydathodes – Structure and Functions (Notes)

@. Difference between Stomata and Hydathodes

@. P – Proteins (Phloem Protein) Structure & Functions

@. Pits: Ultra-structure, Difference Between Simple Pits and Bordered Pits

@. Vascular Bundles: Structure & Classification

@. Difference between Collateral and Bicollateral Vascular Bundles

@. Tyloses: Definition, Structure & Functions

@. Difference between Parenchyma and Collenchyma

@. Difference between Xylem and Phloem

@. Difference between Sieve Tubes and Sieve Cells

@. Difference between Vessels and Tracheids

@. Characteristics of Meristems and Meristematic Cells

@. Meristematic Tissue: Classification (Key Points)

@. Difference Between Meristematic Tissues and Permanent Tissues

@. Difference between Primary and Secondary Meristem

@. Shoot Apical Meristem – Structure & Theories of Apical Organization

@. Difference between Fascicular and Interfascicular Cambium

@. Difference between Shoot Apex and Root Apex

@. Difference Flower and Vegetative Shoot

@. Anatomy of Dicot Stem + PPT

@. Anatomy of Monocot Stem + PPT

@. Anatomy of Dicot Root Primary Structure + PPT

@. Anatomy of Monocot Root + PPT

@. Anatomical Difference between Stem (Shoot) and Root

@. Dracaena Stem: Anomalous Secondary Thickening

@. Nodal Anatomy of Angiosperms

@. Anatomy of Dicot Leaf (Dorsiventral Leaf) + PPT

@. Difference between Dicot Leaf and Monocot Leaf

@. Difference Between Dicot and Monocot Stem

@. Root Stem Transitions in Plants + PPT

@. Difference Between Protoxylem and Metaxylem

@. Difference Between Protophloem and Metaphloem

@. Difference between Phellem and Phelloderm

@. Difference between Hardwood and Softwood

@. Difference between Heartwood and Sapwood

@. Appendicular vs Receptacular Theory of Epigynous Flower Development

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