Difference Between Dicot and Monocot Stem (Anatomy): A Comparison Table

dicot stem vs monocot stem

Dicot Stem Vs Monocot Stem
Anatomical Similarities and Different Between Dicot Stem and Monocot Stem

(I). Similarities between dicot stem and monocot stem:

Ø  Epidermis is usually single layered in both dicots and monocots

Ø  Thick layer of cuticle present in both groups

Ø  Hypodermis is present in both the group (cell type varies)

Ø  Photosynthetic chlorenchymatous zone is present in the cortex of both dicots and monocots

Ø  Major portions of ground tissue is parenchymatous

Ø  Xylem and phloem are organized as vascular bundles in dicots and monocots

Ø  Vascular bundles are conjoint and collateral in both the groups

Ø  In monocots and dicots xylem and phloem composed of both proto- (protoxylem and protophloem) and meta- elements (metaxylem and metaphloem)

(II). Difference between dicot stem and monocot stem

Sl. No.Dicot StemMonocot Stem
1Multicellular epidermal hairs usually present over the epidermisEpidermal hairs are absent
2No silica deposition over the epidermisUsually silica deposition occurs over the epidermis
3Hypodermis collenchymatousHypodermis sclerenchymatous
4Ground tissue is differentiated into stelar and extra-stelar tissuesGround tissue not differentiated into stelar and extra-stelar tissues
5Endodermis presentEndodermis absent
6Vascular bundles are limited in numbers, usually 4 to 8Vascular bundles numerous
7Vascular bundles are arranged in the form of one or two broken ring(s)Vascular bundles are arranged scattered in the ground tissue
8Vascular bundles are conjoint, collateral and openVascular bundles conjoint, collateral and closed
9Many protoxylem and metaxylem elements present in each vascular bundleOnly two metaxylem elements in each vascular bundles
10Xylem elements are polygonalXylem elements are circular
11Protoxylem lacuna absentProtoxylum lacuna present
12Vascular bundles with sclerenchymatous bundle capBundle cap absent
13Bundle sheath absent around the vascular bundlesVascular bundles are surrounded by sclerenchymatous bundle sheath
14Pericycle presentPericycle absent
15Phloem parenchyma and phloem fibres presentPhloem parenchyma and phloem fibres absent
16Pith usually presentPith usually absent
17Medullary rays presentMedullary rays absent
18Undergo secondary thickeningNo secondary thickening


Cross section of Dicot Stem

Fig 1

Monocot Stem Anatomy

Fig 2

Minocot vascular bundle

Fig. 3

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