Difference between Phellem and Phelloderm

Phellem vs Phelloderm

Phellem vs Phelloderm
(Similarities and Differences between Phellem and Phelloderm)

During the secondary growth in both stem and root, the peripheral tissues like epidermis, hypodermis and cortex are replaced by a new secondary tissue called the Periderm (bark). The periderm composed of three components: (1) Phellogen, (2) Phellem and (3) Phelloderm.

(1). Phellogen: Phellogen is the cork cambium, a layer of meristematic tissue which produces the phellem and Phellogen together known as the periderm or bark.

(2). Phellem: Phellem is the actual cork, produce by the phellogen towards the outer side.

(3). Phelloderm: Phelloderm is the secondary cortex, produced by the phellogen towards the inner side.

Even though the phellem (cork) and phelloderm (secondary cortex) are produced by the same meristematic tissue (phellogen), they show many differences. The current post discusses the Similarities and Differences between the Phellem and Phelloderm with a Comparison Table.

Similarities between Phellem and Phelloderm

Ø  Both phellem and phelloderm are secondary tissues.

Ø  Both are produced by the cork cambium – phellogen.

Ø  Both are parenchymatous cells.

Ø  Both form the component of bark.

Difference between Phellem and Phelloderm

Sl. No.PhellemPhelloderm
1Commonly called as Cork.Commonly called as Secondary Cortex.
2Produced by the phellogen towards the outer sideProduced by the phellogen towards the inner side.
3Composed of dead cells.Composed of living cells.
4Cells are closely packed.Cells are loosely packed.
5Main function is to provide protection.Main function is storage of food materials and ergastic substances.
6Cells are highly suberized.Cells are not suberized.
7Cells are impermeable to waterCells are permeable to water
8Plenty of tannin occurs in the cells.Tannin deposition absent.
9Pores or lenticels occur on the phellem.Pores or lenticels are absent in phelloderm.

Structure of Phellem and Phelloderm

(Image Source: CC Wikipedia)

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