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mcq on environmental pollution

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MCQ on Environmental Pollution

This MCQ set on Ecology (Environmental Science): Environmental Pollution consists of 15 questions. Please select the correct answer and at the end, you have to click on the 'SUBMIT' button to see your Score and the Correct Answers. Please click 'NEXT' button to proceed....


Montreal protocol which calls for appropriate action to protect the ozone layer from human activities was passed in the year:


Chlorinated hydrocarbons effects ecosystem by:


The carbon footprint is:


Increase in the amount of the following is NOT the consequence of sewage effluents in the river ecosystem:


The ‘blue baby’ syndrome results from:


There are two ecosystems named as ‘A’ and ‘B’. The ecosystem ‘A’ is with high species diversity and ‘B’ is with low species diversity. Which of the statement is NOT correct for the above-mentioned ecosystems?


The correct statement about the effect of ozone on the biosphere is:


Which is NOT considered as a major threat to loss of species diversity?


Fog, which is commonly observed during the winter and causes problem to flight take off mainly seen at:


Photochemical smog pollution does not contain:


Which of the following is NOT commonly considered as a potential pollutant?


Among the following is more dangerous as a pollutant?


The major cause of the damages of historical monuments like Taj Mahal is:


Which of the following is not occurs as a result of acid rain?


The most probable limiting factor for primary productivity in an aquatic ecosystem is:


Fertilizers washed into lakes are a major cause of

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