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MCQ on Community Ecology (Synecology) Part 1

This MCQ set on Ecology (Environmental Science): Community Ecology (Synecology) Part 1 consists of 15 questions. Please select the correct answer and at the end, you have to click on the 'SUBMIT' button to see your Score and the Correct Answers. Please click 'NEXT' button to proceed....


Phytoplankton spends very little energy on developing protective structures against the predator, this suggests that:


In habitat ‘A’ pike cichlid fishes preferentially feeds on large adult guppies, so the guppies mature later and are of small size, while in habitat ‘B’ killer fish feeds on small, juvenile guppies so here guppies mature early and are large sized. What will be the effect, if experimentally guppies for habitat ‘A’ are transferred to habitat ‘B’.


In grasslands, the egrets feed by following grazing cows. Cow during grazing exposes insects from grasses to egrets. This could be an example of:


Which of the following is a characteristic feature of the climax community?


The special roots termed pneumatophores are present in:


The algal bloom in a pond ecosystem can be an example of:


Among the following, the highest assimilation efficiency is observed in:


Which is NOT true in a process of ecological succession from the pioneering stage to climax stage?


Aggregation of Myxamoebae into slime-mould during the formation of fruiting bodies is an example of:


Niche overlap indicates:


Generally, an organism tends to remain in the realized niche. Under what condition realized niche can be greater than the fundamental niche?


In which of the following condition, the realized niche exceed over the fundamental niche?


In spite of the prevalence of herbivory, the earth continues to be largely green because:


Which statement is correct regarding the edge effect?


Which one of the following is NOT used for the construction of ecological pyramids?

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