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MCQ on Population Ecology (Autecology)

This MCQ set on Ecology (Environmental Science) Population Ecology (Autecology) consists of 15 questions. Please select the correct answer and at the end, you have to click on the 'SUBMIT' button to see your Score and the Correct Answers. Please click 'NEXT' button to proceed....


Honey bees keep genetic variations among the workers by:


The characteristic of a population with a low value of intrinsic growth (r = 0.2) is:


The equation D = Σ(n/N)^2 represents:


Primary carnivores consume 40% production of the herbivore and assimilate 70% of energy. What percentage of energy these carnivores assimilate from the energy available from herbivores?


Sustainable harvesting of a fish population growing logistically is done at:


Which of the following are the abiotic factors in an ecosystem?


The characteristic survivorship curve III is shown by:


The characteristic feature of a k-selected species is:


The formula for exponential population growth is:


Which of the following method is the most appropriate for estimating the population density of burrowing animals?


The study of the migration of birds is known as


The inflection point in a population growth curve is represented by:


Which among the following is not a density independent-factor affecting the population?


If there are only 20 individuals left in a population then, as per the IUCN, it would be kept under category:


Carrying capacity of a forest is 20 tones which increase 10 % of its biomass annually. For sustainable forestry how much trees can be harvested for timber so that it has minimal effect on forest and can be harvested annually:

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