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MCQ on Cytology: Cell Organelles

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Post-translational modification take place in:


Spherical subunits of eukaryotic chromatin composed of a core particle consisting of an octamer of histones and 146 nucleotide pairs are called:


Lysosomes are known as the 'suicidal bags' because of:


ABC transporter in plants which are responsible for the detoxification of Xenobiotics and prevent oxidative damage is located at:


The Nucleolar Organizer Region (NOR) of human consists of :


Among the following which cell organelle is involved in the apoptosis?


Select the wrong statement from the following:


Which one of the following is NOT found in the mitochondrial matrix?


A cell organelle that contains pro-lamellar bodies (an aggregation of semi-crystalline lattices of branched tubules) that carry the precursor pigments for chlorophyll are called:

10. For the final processing of antigen, the macrophages after phagocytosis direct the engulfed material to:

The one and only eukaryotic organism without mitochondria:


The fluid mosaic model of plasma membrane given by Singer and Nicolson is applicable:


Acrosome of sperm cell is a modified ________.


The nebenkern of Drosophila sperm cell is a modified ________.


Which organelle require intact membrane system for ATP synthesis


Which of the following types of cells would you expect to contain a high density of cytoplasmic intermediate filaments?


In a normal cell, the phosphatidylserine residues are located at the:


The most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of all currently living humans is denoted as:


Who discovered the endoplasmic reticulum?


The average size of 70S ribosomes of prokaryotes are:

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