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Practice Questions on Plasma Membrane: Structure & Functions Part-2

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(1). The cleavage of spectrin network in the cell by the proteolytic enzyme calpane indicate:

A.      Apoptosis of cell
B.      Necrosis of cell
C.      Cellular inflammation
D.     Phagocytosis by macrophages

(2). At physiological conditions, cholesterol in the plasma membrane:

A.      Increase the durability of plasma membrane
B.      Increase the permeability of plasma membrane
C.      Decrease the durability of plasma membrane
D.     Decrease the permeability of plasma membrane

A.      A, B
B.      A, C
C.      A, D
D.     B, D

(3). The molecular basis of MN blood group in human is

A.      Difference in the amino acid sequence in the Glycophorin
B.      Difference in the carbohydrate sequence in Glycophorin
C.      Difference in folding pattern of Glycophorin
D.     Difference in the distributional pattern of band 3 and glycophorin proteins in the plasma membrane of RBC

(4). Which of the following type of movement is least possible for a phospholipid in the plasma membrane?

A.      Flexion
B.      Rotation
C.      Lateral diffusion
D.     Flip-flop

(5). Spectrin-ankyrin network of plasma membrane is essential for all features of bio-membrane except:

A.      Anchoring specific ion channels in the plasma membrane
B.      Anchoring specific ion exchangers in the plasma membrane
C.      Anchoring specific ion transporters in the plasma membrane
D.     Anchoring Fo particle of ATP synthase in the plasma membrane

(6). An important domain of ankyrin protein which binds to apoptosis inducing proteins of the cells is:

A.      N-terminal domain
B.      Central domain
C.      Death domain
D.     C-terminal

(7). Which of the following is a cytoskeletal protein

A.      Glycophorin A
B.      Glycophorin B
C.      Spectrin
D.     Band 3 protein

(8). The most abundant phospholipid component in the bacterial cell membrane is

A.      Phosphatidylethanolamine
B.      Phosphatidylserine
C.      Phosphatidylcholine
D.     Cholesterol

(9). The main function of band 3 proteins in the plasma membrane of RBC is

A.      Exchange of chloride ion (Cl-) with bicarbonate ions
B.      Exchange of K+ ions with Na+ ions
C.      Exchange of H+ ions with biocarbonate ions
D.     Exchange of H+ ions with Cl- ions

(10).  The length of fatty acyl chain in the fatty acids of membrane lipids usually range between

A.      10 – 15 carbons
B.      18 – 20 carbons
C.      24 – 30 carbons
D.     28 – 30 carbons

(11).  Ankyrin proteins have binding site for the _______ subunit of spectrin proteins

A.      Alpha
B.      Beta
C.      Alpha and beta
D.     Alpha and delta

(12).  What structural features of a membrane are major contributors to its selective permeability?

A.      Phospholipid bilayer
B.      Trans-membrane proteins
C.      Glycolipids on the outer surface of the membrane
D.     Peripheral membrane proteins on the inside of the membrane

(13).  Water can pass the plasma membrane:

A.      by simple diffusion only
B.      Through aquaporins channel only
C.      By simple diffusion and through aquaporins
D.     Water cannot cross plasma membrane

(14).  The genetic disorder hemolytic anemia is caused by

A.      Mutation in spectrin and ankyrin genes
B.      Mutation in band 3 protein of RBC
C.      Mutation in Glycophorin A protein of RBC
D.     Mutation in Glycophorin B protein of RBC

(15).  If the temperature of culture of bacterial is lowered, the cell responds metabolically to maintain the fluidity of membrane. This will be achieved by:

A.      Introducing more double bonds in the fatty acyl chain of fatty acids
B.      Reshuffling the chain between different phospholipid molecule to produce lipids with two unsaturated fatty acids
C.      Removing double bonds from fatty acids to increase the saturation of fatty acids
D.     Reshuffling the chain between different phospholipids molecules to produce lipids with saturated fatty acids

A.      A, B
B.      A, C, D
C.      A, D
D.     C, D

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Answer key and expllanations

1. Ans. (B). Necrosis

2. Ans. (C). A, D

3. Ans. (A). Difference in the amino acid sequence in the glycophorin

4. Ans. (D). Flip-flop

5. Ans. (D). Anchoring F0 particles of ATP synthase in the plasma membrane

6. Ans. (C). Death domain

7. Ans. (C). Spectrin

8. Ans. (A). Phosphatidylethanolamine

The four major phospholipis of mammalian plasma membrane are: (1). Phosphatidylcholine, (2). Phosphatidylethanolamine, (3). Phosphatidylserine, and (4). sphingomyelin

9. Ans. (A). Exchange of chloride ions with bicarbonate ions

10. Ans. (B). 18 – 20 carbons

11. Ans. (B). Beta

12. Ans. (A). Phospholipid bilayer

13. Ans. (C). by simple diffusion and through aquaporins

14. Ans. (A). Mutation in spectrin and ankyrin genes

15. Ans. (A). A, B

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