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MCQ on Cytology: Cell Division - Meiosis (Basic Level)

This MCQ set on Cytology (Cell Biology) Cell Division: Meiosis (Basic Level) consists of 15 questions. Please select the correct answer and at the end, you have to click on the 'SUBMIT' button to see your Score and the Correct Answers


The Mendelian law of Independent assortment is due to the arrangement of the chromosome during:


In human females, the immature oocytes rest at the phase of :


In plants, the type of cell division in the gametangia for the production of gametes is:


The lateral elements of synaptonemal complex (SC) consist of:


Among the following which is a characteristic feature of Meiosis-I?


A meiotic bivalent consists of :


Organisms with ‘initial meiosis’, the meiotic cell division are completed:


The type of meiosis occurs in all multicellular animals is:


A zygote formed by the fusion of one normal gamete and another gamete where one of the chromosomes did not segregate at Anaphase-II will lead into chromosomal aberrations known as:


Crossing over occurs during which phase of meiosis?


Which of the following statement is correct regarding the meiotic cell division?


The type of meiosis occurring in protists and fungi is:


According to recent studies, the DNA in the meiotic bivalents undergo the double strand breaks for recombination in which stage of the prophase?


The type of meiosis occurring in plants is:


During the gamete formation, alleles which do not undergo recombination segregates during:

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