MCQ on Industrial Biotechnology with Answer Key (Biotechnology MCQ 03)

MCQ on Fermentation Technology

(Biology / Life Sciences MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions in Biotechnology)

MCQ on Industrial Biotechnology
(Sample/Model/Practice Questions for CSIR JRF/NET Life Science Examination, ICMR JRF Exam, DBT BET JRF Exam, GATE BT and XL Exam, ICAR JRF NE Exam, PG Entrance Exam, JAM Exam, GS Biology Exam and Medical Entrance Exam)

(1). Which of the following materials is used as a bio-plastic?

a.       Polystyrene
b.      Polypropylene
c.       Polyhydroxybutyrate
d.      Dextran

(2). A Trickling filter is used for:

a.       Antibiotic production
b.      Beer production
c.       Citric acid manufacturing
d.      Waste water treatment

(3). A double spiral heat-exchanger is a:

a.       Direct heat exchanger
b.      Indirect heat exchanger
c.       A temperature control device
d.      Thermostat

(4). The importance of Yeast Extract in the industrial fermenter is:

a.       Act as vitamin and micronutrient source
b.      Acts nitrogen source
c.       Acts as carbon source
d.      Acts as carbon and vitamin source

(5). A fed-batch process is a:

a.       Closed system
b.      Continuous system
c.       Intermittently fed system
d.      Biphasic system

(6). Soy meal, peptone and tryptone are used as the source of:

a.       Carbon source
b.      Carbon and nitrogen source
c.       Nitrogen source
d.      Mineral source

(7). An air-lift fermenter uses:

a.       An impeller for mixing
b.      Air bubbles for mixing the contents
c.       Differential density for mixing purpose
d.      A sparger for mixing the contents

(8). Batch sterilization cycle time consists of:

a.       Two phases
b.      Three phases
c.       Four phases
d.      Five phases

(9). A spray dryer works on the principle of:

a.       Contact drying
b.      Sublimation
c.       Lyophilization
d.      Adiabatic drying

(10).  Protected fermentations uses:

a.       Sterilized media
b.      Pasteurized media
c.       Pasteurized media with low pH
d.      Unsterilized media

(11).  Molasses and corn steep liquor are usually used as:

a.       Carbon source for large scale industrial fermentation process
b.      Carbon source for small scale industrial fermentation process
c.       Mineral source for large scale industrial fermentation process
d.      Mineral source for small scale industrial fermentation process

(12).  The importance of tryptone in microbiology is:

a.       To produce lysogeny broth for microbes
b.      To produce metabolic broth for microbes
c.       To stimulate β-galactosidase production
d.      For the artificial stimulation of lac operon

(13).  Marmite – an important commercial product is a:

a.       Fermentation main product
b.      Fermentation by-product
c.       Partially fermented sugar
d.      Completely fermented sugar

(14).  The phenomenon of production of ethanol by yeast cells under high concentration of glucose rather than producing biomass by TCA cycle is described as:

a.       Warburg effect
b.      Simpson’s Effect
c.       Crabtree Effect
d.      Olivosky’s Effect

(15).  A bioreactor to which fresh medium is continuously added, while culture liquid containing leftover nutrients, metabolic end products and microorganisms are continuously removed at the same rate is called:

a.       Cryostat
b.      Chemostat
c.       Fed-batch fermenter
d.      Continuous Fermenter


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Answer Key and Explanations

1. Ans. (c). Polyhydroxybutyrate

Polyhydroxybutyrate or PHB is a bio-plastic or biodegradable plastic. PHB is produced by many microbes such as Ralstonia eutrophus, Methylobacterium rhodesianum or Bacillus megaterium. These microbes produce the biopolymer only when they are under any physiological stress such as nutrient deficiency.

2. Ans. (d). Waste water treatment

Trickling filter is a type of wastewater treatment system. It employs

3. Ans. (b). Indirect heat exchanger

4. Ans. (a). Act as vitamin and micronutrient source

5. Ans. (c). Intermittently fed system

Learn more: Difference between Batch Fermentation and Continuous Fermentation

6. Ans. (c). Nitrogen Source

7. Ans. (c). Differential density for mixing purpose

8. Ans. (b). Three phase

9.  Ans. (d). Adiabatic drying

Adiabatic drying: A drying process in which the solid material is exposed to a flow of hot gases.

10.  Ans. (c). Pasteurized media with low pH

11.  Ans. (a). Carbon source for large scale industrial fermentation process

12.  Ans. (a). To produce lysogeny broth for microbes

13.  Ans. (b). Fermentation by-product

14.  Ans. (c). Crabtree Effect

15.  Ans. (b). Chemostat

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