Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer Recruitment Test 2017: Model Question Paper 1/3

monothecous reniform anthers of hibiscus

Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer / Assistant Professor Model Question Paper 2017

Model/Sample Question Paper of Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer/Assistant Professor Recruitment Examination to be conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission Question for the appointment of Botany Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Government Colleges of Kerala under the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Trivandrum, Kerala. Questions are in MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format.

Botany Lecturer Test: Model Questions Set – 1/3

(1). Enzymes used to isolate protoplast are:

a.       Cellulase and lipase
b.      Pectinase and lipase
c.       Cellulases and pectinases
d.      Proteolytic enzymes and cellulose

(2). Which of the following statement describes the androecium of Malvaceae

a.       Numerous stamens, dithecous anthers
b.      Monadelphous, dithecous anthers
c.       Monadelphous, monothecous anthers
d.      Synandrous, monothecous anthers

(3). Which chemical induces fusion of the protoplast in somatic hybridization?

a.       Boric acid
b.      Polyethelene glycol
c.       Phosphoenol pyruvate
d.      Ethylene

(4). A continuous system formed by protoplasts and plasmodesmata in a tissue is

a.       Apoplast
b.      Protoplast
c.       Symplast
d.      Chloroplast

(5). Two or more related species that are morphologically identical but are incapable of producing fertile hybrids are called as:

a.       Biological species
b.      Sibling species
c.       Vicariance
d.      Typological species

(6). The porphyrins of cytochrome contain which metallic element:

a.       Iron
b.      Copper
c.       Magnesium
d.      Calcium

(7). An enzyme that phosphorylates a protein is known as:

a.       Phosphatase
b.      Protein kinase
c.       Kinase
d.      Phosphorylase

(8). Which of the following is a keystone species?

a.       Fig
b.      Mango
c.       Teak
d.      Rhizophora

9. Leaf abscission, seed dormancy and bud dormancy are caused by:

a.       Kinetin
b.      Auxin
c.       Vernalin
d.      Abscissic acid

(10). The luminescence of certain mushrooms are due to:

a.       Xylanase
b.      Luciferase
c.       Ribonuclease
d.      Cellulase

(11).  Which of the following is NOT an adaptation of hydrophyte?

a.       Poorly-developed root system
b.      Well-developed aerenchyma
c.       Well-developed vascular system
d.      Dissected leaves and Heterophylly

(12).  During transcription:

a.       An RNA molecule is synthesized within a ribosome
b.      A polypeptide chain is synthesized
c.       An RNA molecule is synthesized on a DNA template
d.      A DNA molecule is synthesized on a DNA replica

(13).  The ‘bead on thread’ like structures seen in the interphase nucleus is best described as:

a.       Centromere
b.      Chromomere
c.       Chromonemata
d.      Chromonema

(14).  The Okazaki fragments are observed during:

a.       Transduction
b.      Replication
c.       Transcription
d.      Translation

(15).  Which of the following statement is false?

a.       A chromosome may have a primary and a secondary constriction
b.      Primary constriction of chromosome always possesses kinetochore
c.       A chromosome with satellinte is called sat-chromosome
d.      DNA in the sat-chromosome is called as sat-DNA

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Answer Key

(1). Ans. (c). Cellulases and Pectinases

(2). Ans. (c). Modadelphous, monothecous anthers

(3). Ans. (b). Plyethelene glycol

(4). Ans. (c). Symplast

(5). Ans. (b). Sibling species

(6). Ans. (c). Copper

(7). Ans. (b). Protein kinase

(8). Ans. (a). Fig

(9). Ans. (d). Abscissic acid

(10).  Ans. (b). Luciferase

(11).  Ans. (c). Well-developed vascular system

(12).  Ans. (c). An RNA molecule is synthesized on a DNA template

(13).  Ans. (b). Chromomere

(14).  Ans. (b). Replication

(15).  Ans. (d). DNA in the sat-chromosome is called sat-DNA

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