Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer Exam 2017 Model Question Paper 3/3

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Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer / Assistant Professor Model Question Paper 2017 Part 3/3

Model/Sample Question Paper of Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer/Assistant Professor Recruitment Examination to be conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission Question for the appointment of Botany Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Government Colleges of Kerala under the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Trivandrum, Kerala. Questions are in MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format.

Botany Lecturer Test: Model Questions Set – 3/3

(1). The concept of raising the profile of a particular species to successfully leverage more support for biodiversity conservation of biodiversity is denoted as:

a.       Keystone species concept
b.      Flagship species concept
c.       Umbrella species concept
d.      Indicator species concept

(2). Gelatinous fibres are:

a.       Long sclerenchymatous cells with highly lignified secondary wall
b.      Short sclerenchymatous cells with slightly lignified secondary wall
c.       Fibres with cellulosic secondary cell wall
d.      Fibres with hemicellulosic secondary cell wall

(3). Which of the following is a C3 plant?

a.       Maize
b.      Sugarcane
c.       Sorghum
d.      Rice

(4). The wrong rejection of a true null hypothesis is denoted as:

a.       Type I error
b.      Type II error
c.       Type III error
d.      Type IV error

(5). Carl Woese is best known for his contribution in:

a.       Gene mapping
b.      Three domain system of classification
c.       Genetic engineering
d.      Shotgun sequencing

(6). Simplest amino acid is:

a.       Alanine
b.      Valine
c.       Glycine
d.      Phenylalanine

(7). Which of the character can be used to distinguish gymnosperms from angiosperms?

a.       Presence of naked ovules in gymnosperms
b.      Presence of pollen chamber in gymnosperms
c.       Presence of naked ovules and pollen chambers
d.      Presence of naked ovules and stomata

(8). Stomata with two subsidiary cells and the subsidiary cells are arranged right angle to the long axis of guard cells are called:

a.       Paracytic stomata
b.      Diacytic stomata
c.       Anisocytic stomata
d.      Anomocytic stomata

(9). Which one of the following plants is an example of a living fossil?

a.       Rhynia
b.       Pinus
c.       Ginkgo
d.       Lyginopteris

(10).  Fruits are not formed in gymnosperms due to the absence of:

a.       Ovary
b.      Pollination
c.       Seeds
d.      Fertilization

(11).  Age of tree can be determined:

a.       By counting the number of growth rings
b.      By thickness of the bark
c.       By bulk of the tree
d.      By number of leaves

(12).  Obdiplostemonous condition is shown in the family

a.       Annonaceae
b.      Asteraceae
c.       Rutaceae
d.      Cucurbitaceae

(13).  The distance between two smallest division in a stage micrometer is:

a.       0.01 mm
b.      0.01 nm
c.       0.01 µm
d.      0.10 mm

(14).  Which of the following is a vital stain?

a.       Acetocarmine
b.      Sudan 3
c.       Janus Green
d.      Carmine

(15).  Which of the following is NOT a measure of dispersion?

a.       Range
b.      SD
c.       SE
d.      ANOVA

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Answer Key

1. Ans. (b). Flagship species concept

2. Ans. (c). Fibres with cellulosic secondary cell wall

3. Ans. (d). Rice

4. Ans. (b). Type II error

5. Ans. (b). Three domain system of classification

6. Ans. (c). Glycine

7. Ans. (c). Presence of naked ovules and pollen chambers

8. Ans. (d). Diacytic stomata

9. Ans. (c). Ginkgo

10.  Ans. (a). Ovary

11.  Ans. (a). By counting the number of growth rings

12.  Ans. (c). Rutaceae

13.  Ans. (a). 0.01 mm

14.  Ans. (c). Janus Green

15.  Ans. (d). ANOVA

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