Factors Affecting Enzymatic Activity PPT

factors controlling enzyme activity ppt

Factors Affecting Enzymatic Activity – PPT
(Temperature, Water, pH, [Substrate], [Enzyme])

Lecture Note on Factors Affecting Enzymatic Activity

Factors Affecting Enzymatic Activity, Temperature, Optimum Temperature, Maximum Activity of Enzymes, Effect of High Temperature on Enzymes and Enzymatic Reactions, Denaturation of Enzymes by Heat, Temperature Quotient, Water, Effects of Water on Enzymatic Activity, Enzymes in Dry Seeds, Hydration of Seeds, Water as Reactant in Enzymatic Reactions, pH, Effects of pH on Enzymatic Reactions, Optimum pH, Enzymes active in Acidic, Neutral and Basic Mediums, Trypsin, Diastase, Pepsin, Cellular pH, Biological pH, Substrate Concentration and Rate of Reactions, Michaelis-Mention Kinetics, Enzyme Kinetics, Concentration of Enzymes, Enzyme Inhibitors, Accumulation of End Products, Feedback Inhibition, Modulators, Effectors, Allosteric Modulation, Enzyme Inhibitors, Competitive Inhibitors, Non-competitive Inhibitors, Uncompetitive Inhibitors, Enzyme Toxins, Cofactors, Coenzymes, Effect of Radiation on Enzymatic Activity, Photolyase Enzyme

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