Zoology Taxonomy (The Systematics of Animals)

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@. Arthropoda: General Characters

@. Arthropoda: Classification

Sub-phylum: Trilobitomorpha

Sub-phylum: Chelicerata

Class 1: Arachnida
Class 2: Merostomata
Class3: Pycnogonida

Sub-phylum: Myriapoda

Class 1: Chilopoda
Class 2: Diplopoda
Class 3: Pauropoda
Class 4: Symphyla

Sub-phylum: Crustacea

Class 1: Branchiopoda
Class 2: Remipedia
Class 3: Cephalocarida
Class 4: Maxillopoda
Class 5: Ostracoda
Class 6: Malacostraca

Sub-phylum: Hexapoda

Class 1: Insecta
Class 2: Entognatha

@. Difference Between Centipedes and Millipedes (zoological differences)

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