Microbiology MCQ-08: Nutrition in Bacteria

mcq on nutrition in bacteria

Microbiology MCQ – 8
(Biology / Life Sciences MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions in Microbiology)

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1. The bacteria can be best stored under starvation at 40C than at 370C because:
2. The major function of type‐III secretion by pathogenic bacteria is:
3. Under which phase of the growth the bacteria increases their size but do not divide?
4. Which of the following is the most complex secretory system in bacteria?
5. The Type III secretory system is present in:
6. The signalling molecule secreted by bacterial species during quorum sensing:
7. Exponential growth in bacteria would be expected during _____ phase of growth curve.
8. It has been observed that the bacteria secrete certain chemicals at high population density to check the population size. This phenomenon is termed as:
9. Which of the following is an example for chemolithotroph?
10. What will be the decreasing order of viability of bacteria if they are stored at (a) 4-9°C (b) 0°C (c)-196°C
11. The electron acceptor in the anaerobic conditions in prokaryotes is:
12. A secretory system in Gram-negative bacteria with shows similarities with the flagella is:
13. Bacterial flagella and the ___________ secretory system of Gram-negative bacteria shares a common ancestry.
14. Smooth movement of the bacteria during the chemotaxis is due to:
15. Chemolithotrophs obtain their carbon from CO2 and energy from:

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