CSIR NET Life Sciences June 2019 Model Question Paper + Answer Key

csir jrf net june 2019 paper

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Welcome to NET XL Model Question Paper 16

CSIR JRF NET Life Sciences June 2019 Model Question Paper Part-1/5

This question set on CSIR JRF NET Life Sciences Model Question Paper 16: June 2019 Examination (Part-1/5) consists of 15 questions in MCQ format. Please select the correct answer and at the end of the test, you have to click 'SUBMIT' button to see your Score and the Correct Answers. 

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1. Which one of the following crop is highly tolerant to the salt stress?
2. What would be the effect of increasing humidity on the rate of transpiration?
3. According to the polymer trap hypothesis, small sugars such as sucrose are converted to raffinose and other larger oligosaccharides before being loaded into the phloem. The major site of raffinose synthesis is:
4. Which of the following statements are true about allantoin?

It is a diureide of glyoxylic acid

It is a major metabolic intermediate

Present animals, plants and bacteria

It is produced from uric acid
5. Alkaloid production in plants is regulated by change in the endogenous pool of:
6. During the opening of stomata which ions are transported from neighboring cells to the guard cells?
7. Location of Glutamate synthase, an important enzyme in nitrogen assimilation is
8. Which of the metabolite in nitrate assimilation is not located in the chloroplast?
9. Conversion of nitrite to nitrate in soil is done by the bacteria:
10. Which ion gradient is formed across the thylakoid membrane during the light reaction of photosynthesis?
11. In submerged roots of mangrove plants, the recycling of NAD⁺ is carried out by:
12. Which of the following statement is CORRECT?
13. The type of sieve tube plastids in the order Caryophyllales is:
14. Heavy metal (Pb) resistance in Thlaspi caerulescens is due to
15. The pitcher plant Nepenthes would be expected to have:

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