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MCQ on Cell Membrane Structure and Function with Answer Key Part 2

Cytology MCQ-03

mcq on plasma membrane

Practice Questions on Plasma Membrane: Structure & Functions Part-2

 (Sample/Model/Practice Questions for CSIR JRF/NET Life Science Examination, ICMR JRF Exam, DBT BET JRF Exam,, GATE BT and XL Exam, ICAR JRF NE Exam, PG Entrance Exam, JAM Exam, GS Biology Exam and Medical Entrance Exam)

(1). The cleavage of spectrin network in the cell by the proteolytic enzyme calpane indicate:

A.      Apoptosis of cell
B.      Necrosis of cell
C.      Cellular inflammation
D.     Phagocytosis by macrophages

(2). At physiological conditions, cholesterol in the plasma membrane:

A.      Increase the durability of plasma membrane
B.      Increase the permeability of plasma membrane
C.      Decrease the durability of plasma membrane
D.     Decrease the permeability of plasma membrane

A.      A, B
B.      A, C
C.      A, D
D.     B, D

(3). The molecular basis of MN blood group in human is

A.      Difference in the amino acid sequence in the Glycophorin
B.      Difference in the carbohydrate sequence in Glycophorin
C.      Difference in folding pattern of Glycophorin
D.     Difference in the distributional pattern of band 3 and glycophorin proteins in the plasma membrane of RBC

(4). Which of the following type of movement is least possible for a phospholipid in the plasma membrane?

A.      Flexion
B.      Rotation
C.      Lateral diffusion
D.     Flip-flop

(5). Spectrin-ankyrin network of plasma membrane is essential for all features of bio-membrane except:

A.      Anchoring specific ion channels in the plasma membrane
B.      Anchoring specific ion exchangers in the plasma membrane
C.      Anchoring specific ion transporters in the plasma membrane
D.     Anchoring Fo particle of ATP synthase in the plasma membrane

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