Anatomy of Dicot Stem Primary Structure PPT

Plant Science PPT

Dicot Stem Primary Structure PPT
(The Primary Structure Dicot Stem PPT)

Understand the Primary Structure of Dicot Stem Primary Structure, Tissue differentiation in dicot stem, Vascular bundle of dicot stem, How dicot stem is different from nonocot stem? How stem is different from root?

Learn more: Lecture Note in Dicot Stem Primary Structure

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  1. The website is getting popularity within a very short period. Thanks for the concept. There is blunder in slide no 15 and 16 of dicot stem.
    1. There is figure of monocot root in place of dicot stem.
    2 There should not be casparian strip in dicot stem.

    • Dear Debendra Karki
      Thank you for pointing out the mistake..Your are absolutely correct.. the endodermis is not distinct in dicot stem… and the image shown in the slide 15 and 16 are Monocot root. The image i shown there is only for explaining the casparian thickening that is generally present in the endodermal wall. You are correct … there will not be prominent casparian thickening in the endodermis of stem.
      Thank you very much
      Admin… EBC

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