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Pteridospermales PPT (General Characteristics, Classification and Affinities)

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Pteridospermales (Cycadofilicales) PPT
(Characteristics, Classification and Affinities of Pteridospermales)

What are Pteridospermales or Cycadofilicales? Geological Horizon / Origin of Pteridospermales, Who Discovered Pteridospermales? What are the Characteristics of Pteridospermales, Morphology of Pteridospermales, Anatomy of Pteridospermales, Reproduction of Pteridospermales, Classification of Pteridospermales, Affinities of Pteridospermales, Examples of Pteridospermales, Similarities between Pteridospermales and Pteridophytes (Ferns), Similarities between Pteridospermales and Cycadales.

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Botany lecture notes

Pteridospermales (Cycadofilicales)- General Characters, Classification and Affinities

Pteridospermales Characteristis

Pteridospermales (Cycadofilicales)
General Characteristics, Classification and Affinities of Cycadofilicales

What are Pteridospermales?

Ø  Pteridospermales are a group of Fossil Gymnosperms.

Ø  They are also called as Cycadofilicales (Chamberlain used the term).

Ø  As the name suggests, they are the ‘Seed Ferns’.

Ø  They are Gymnosperms with ‘Fern-like’ leaves which produce ‘Seeds’.

Cycadofilicales Seed Fern

The Reconstruction of a Pteridospermales Member. Note the Erect Stem, Fern Like Leaves, Circinate Venation and Vein Pattern

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