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Sclerenchyma: Structure, Classification and Functions with PPT

sclerenchymatous tissue ppt

(Structure, Types and Functions of Sclerenchymatous Cells in Plants)

What are Sclerenchymatous Cells?

Ø  Sclerenchyma is a simple permanent tissue in plants.

Ø  Sclerenchymatous cells are dead at their maturity.

Ø  Cells do not have protoplast when they completely developed.

Ø  They have thick secondary cell wall.

Ø  The secondary cell wall is lignified and very hard.

Ø  Most of the sclerenchymatous cells show intrusive growth.

Different Types of Sclerenchymatous Cells in Plants:

Ø  Based on size, two types of sclerenchyma are described.

  (I).   Sclereids

(II).    Fibres

(I). Sclereids:

Ø  Sclereids are short sclerenchymatous cells.

Ø  They are also called as stone cells.

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