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Pigments in Algae (Key points) with PPT

pigments in algae

Pigmentation in algae:

Ø  Algae show great diversity in pigmentation.

Ø  Many coloured pigments such as green, red, yellow, and blue have been found in marine and freshwater algae.

Ø  Different groups of algae have different and specific pigment composition.

Ø  Pigments are usually found in specialized plastids called chromophores in all groups of algae except in the members of Cyanophyceae (blue green algae).

Ø  Distribution pattern of pigments has great taxonomic significance in algal systematics.

Ø  Classification of algae proposed by Fritsch is primarily based of the pigmentation of algae.

Ø  All major algal groups have at least one characteristic pigment in their cells.

Pigments in algae belong to THREE major categories based on their physical and chemical properties.

(1). Chlorophylls

(2). Carotenoids

(3). Phycobilins

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