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Introduction to Genetics: Glossary of Genetics Terminologies (Short Notes with PPT)

Introduction to Genetics PPT

Introduction to Genetics: Genetics Terminologies
(Concept of Genetics: Definition of Terminologies in Genetics)

What is genetics?

Ø  Genetics: Genetics is the study of Heredity and Variation of Inherited Characters.

Ø  Heredity: The tendency offspring to resemble their parents is called heredity.

Ø  Variation: The tendency of offspring to vary from their parents is called variation.

Ø  The term ‘Genetics’ was coined by William Bateson in 1905

Ø  Genetics is a relatively young branch of biological science.

Ø  The study of genetics started with the work of Gregor Johan Mendel (Father of Modern Genetics)

Ø  Today, many modern branches of genetics are there such as Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Phylogenetics, Developmental Genetics and Behavioral Genetics.Define heredity and Variation

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