Difference between Transpiration and Guttation – A Comparison Table

Transpiration vs Guttation

Transpiration vs Guttation (A Comparison Table)
(Similarities and Differences between Transpiration and Guttation Process)

Transpiration and Guttation are the two physiological events in plants by which the plants release water to the external atmosphere.

Transpiration: Transpiration is the excessive loss of water from the aerial portion of plants as water vapours. Even though the transpiration results in excessive loss of water, it helps to maintain the continuous absorption water from the soil through a force called the ‘Transpiration Pull’. Thus, the transpiration is considered as a ‘Necessary Evil’ in plants.

Guttation: Guttation is the process of secretion of liquid water through the leaf tips in some plants. These plants possess a specialized structure at their leaf tip and margins called Hydathodes. The guttation usually occurs in the morning time when the atmosphere humidity will be high and the rate of transpiration will be low.

Similarities between Transpiration and Guttation

Ø  Both transpiration and guttation primarily occurs though leaf.

Ø  In both cases, the water is lost through specialized pores.

Ø  Both transpiration and guttation cause permanent water loss from the plant.

Difference between Transpiration and Guttation

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