Ecology Lecture Notes

Biodiversity: Introduction (Definition, Classification, Importance and Measurement of Biodiversity)

What is biodiversity?

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better’
Albert Einstein

What is biodiversity?

@. Biodiversity- definition: “variability among living organisms”

@. Biodiversity is the variety and variability of genus, species and ecosystem between and within

@. It is the number of different organisms & their relative frequency in an ecosystem

@. The term Biodiversity is coined by Walter Rosen, 1985

@. About 50 million sps. of plants, animals & microbes are existing in the world

@. Among this only 2 million are identified so far

@. Biodiversity also includes: Variability of genus, Variability of varieties, Variability of species, Variability of populations in different ecosystems, Variability in relative abundance of species

@. Knowledge of biodiversity is essential for sustainable utilization of resources

@. Biological resources provide us: Nourishment, Clothing, House, Fuel, Medicine and Revenue

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