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Graphical Representation of Data 1: Tables and Tabulation with PPT

Classification of Data

Graphical Representation of Data- Part-1 – Tables & Tabulation
(Tabulation of Data and Things to Remember when Creating a Data Table)

“Science is organized knowledge…
Wisdom is organized life…
Immanuel Kant

What is Data or Variable?

Ø  Data or variables in biostatistics (statistics) are individual observations of a natural phenomenon or an experiment.

Ø  All scientific investigations involve observations on the variables.

Ø  Observations made on these variables are obtained in the form of DATA.

Ø  The reason for calling data as variables is because it has the tendency of variation.

Ø  For example, if you take the size of leaves of a rose plant with many leaves the value of the size of each leaf (individual data) shows variation.

Ø  The individual observations form the data and the data thus collected are called Raw Data.

Ø  The raw data is an ungrouped or unorganized data and it should be classified based on some criterions.

Ø  Only the classified or grouped data can be used for logical interpretations and further statistical analysis.

Data Representation Methods

Ø  Data presentation (representation): ‘For the maximum utilization of data and its correct interpretation, it should be presented in an appropriate way’.

Ø  Different types of data representations methods are:

(1).    Tables

(2).    Graphs / Charts

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