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NET Life Sciences June 2016 Model Test Questions with Answer Key Part 3 (CSIR NET MCQ 05)

NET Life Sciences June 2016

CSIR JRF NET Life Sciences June 2016
CSIR NET Model Questions Part 5 (CSIR MCQ – 05)
Biology MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions in Life Science)
(Sample/Model/Practice Questions for JRF/NET Life Science Examination, ICMR JRF, DBT JRF, GATE, ICAR NET, PG Entrance)

1. If offspring of heterozygous parents (Aa at a single locus) are 25 percent AA, 50 percent Aa and 25 percent aa, then all of the following are true except:

a.       The parents are diploid organisms
b.      The allele is recessive lethal
c.       The alleles assort independently
d.      The gametes combine at random

2. A honey bee colony consists of:

a.       Equal number of males and females with all able to reproduce
b.      Mostly males, with only a single male being able to reproduce
c.       Mostly females, with only a single female being able to reproduce
d.      Equal number of males and females, with none able to reproduce sexually

3. Carbon sequestration refers to:

a.       The sale of carbon credits in the international market
b.      The process of capture and long-term storage of atmospheric oxygen
c.       The release of carbon, as CO2, into the atmosphere
d.      The accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere

4. The reason for the melting of DNA double helix at specific temperature is:

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