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CSIR NET Life Sciences Question paper June 2015 with Answer Key and Explanations Part II (Part B Question 41 – 55)

JRF NET June 2015 Answer Key easybiologyclass

Zinc Finger Motif (image source wikipedia)

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PART: B (Questions 41 – 55)

41.  Which of the following statements about LEAFY (LFY), a regulatory gene in Arabidopsis thaliana, is correct?

a.      LEAFY (LFY) is involved in floral meristem identity
b.      LEAFY (LFY) is involved in leaf expansion
c.       LEAFY (LFY) is involved in root meristem identity
d.      LEAFY (LFY) is responsible for far-red light mediated seedling growth

42.  The quantum yield of oxygen evolution during photosynthesis drastically drops in far red light. This effect is called:

a.       Far red drop
b.      Red drop
c.       Blue drop
d.      Visible spectrum drop

43.  Dark-grown seedling display ‘triple response’ when exposed to ethylene. Which one of the following is not a part of ‘triple response’?

a.       Decrease in epicotyl elongation
b.      Rapid unfolding and expansion of leaves
c.       Thickening of shoot
d.      Horizontal growth of epicotyl

44.  Which one of the following compounds is generally translocated in the phloem?

a.       Sucrose
b.      D-glucose
c.       D-mannose
d.      D-fructose

45.  Nitrogen gas is reduced to ammonia by nitrogen fixation method. In order to execute the process, which one of the following compounds is unusually required?

a.       ATP
b.      GTP
c.       UDP
d.      ADP

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