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Citrus Canker: Symptoms, Causal Organism and Control Measures – Pathology Lecture Notes

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Citrus Canker
(Symptoms, Causal Organism, Etiology and Control Measures)


Citrus is the common term for the fruits of the genus Citrus of family Rutaceae. They are native to Australia and now cultivated all over the world in cooler climates. Common examples of fruits from Citrus are oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes etc.

Citrus Canker

Ø  Citrus canker is a bacterial disease.

Ø  It is wide-spread in all the citrus growing areas.

Ø  It is one of the serious disease affecting citrus plants in India, China and Japan.

Ø   The disease was originated in China and now it causes large-scale destruction in citrus orchards.


canker symptom leaf

Ø  The canker occurs on leaves, twigs, branches and fruits.

Ø  The lesions first appear on leaves.

Ø  The spots first develop on the lower surface of the leaf.

Ø  In the beginning; the lesions will be small, round and watery.

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