NET Life Science June 2016 Model Question Paper Set- 5

net june 2016 solved paper

(1). Active site of all serine proteases consists of

a.       Ser-Glu-Asp
b.      Ser-Glu-Met
c.       Ser-His-Asp
d.      Ala-Glu-Met

(2). Which of the following properties is common to all cytoskeletal motor proteins like kinesisn, dyneins and myosins?

a.       GTPase activity
b.      ATPase activity
c.       Actin binding domain
d.      DNA binding domain

(3). Which of the following antibiotics attaches to 50S ribosome and inhibits peptidyl-transferase activity

a.       Penicillin
b.      Chloramphenicol
c.       Trimethoprim
d.      Amphotericin

(4). Increased genetic diversity following extended time in a tissue culture is a problem called

a.       Gene alternation
b.      Temporal modification
c.       Somaclonal variation
d.      Cultural shock

(5). To protrude plants that are homozygous for all traits, the best choice is

a.       Cell suspension culture
b.      Callus culture
c.       Anther/pollen culture
d.      Plant organ culture

(6). Dye injected into a plant cell might be able to enter an adjacent cell through

a.       Tight junction
b.      Microtubule
c.       Desmosome
d.      Plasmodesmata

(7). The specific condition that occurs subsequent to the inhalation of carbon is referred to as

a.       Anthracosis
b.      Pneumoconiosis
c.       Siderosis
d.      Acanthosis

(8). Which of the following chemotherapeutic drugs has neurotoxicity

a.       Vincristine
b.      Cyclophosphamide
c.       Anthracyclines
d.      Adriamycin

(9). Viable seeds can be produced without fertilization of the egg in a process called

a.       Apospory
b.      Apomixis
c.       Parthonogeneis
d.      Meiosis

(10). Which of the following plant hormone is synthesized from an amino acid precursor?

a.       Ethylene
b.      Auxins
c.       Cytokinins
d.      Abscisic acid

(11). Independently folded functional unit of a protein is called a     

a.       Motif
b.      Fold
c.       Domain
d.      Module

(12). Homology modeling can be used to predict the 3D structure of only

a.       Paralogs
b.      Orthologs
c.       Xenologs
d.      Homologs

(13). Restriction enzymes produced by E.coli do not cut self DNA because cells are

a.       RecA+
b.      Dam+
c.       RecA-
d.      Dam_

(14). Which of the following bacteria is not naturally competent?

a.       Bacillus subtilis
b.       E.coli
c.       Streptococcus penumoniae
d.       Hemophilius influenza

(15). The enzyme used in SoLiD sequencing technology is

a.       Sequenase
b.      DNA polymerase
c.       DNA ligase
d.      Taq polymerase

CSIR JRF/NET Life Science Exam June 2016 (I)
Model Practice Question Paper with Answer Key

Answer key, Explanations and References

1. Ans. (c). Ser-His-Asp

2. Ans. (b). ATPase activity

3. Ans. (b). Chloramphenicol

4. Ans. (c). Somaclonal variation

5. Ans. (c). Anther / pollen culture

6. Ans. (d). Plasmodesmata

7. Ans. (a). Anthracosis

8. Ans. (a). Vincristine

9. Ans. (b). Apomixis

Apogamy: development of sporophyte from gamethophyte (remember the phrase apogamy = up on gametophate), such sporophytes will be haploids.

Apospory: development of gametophyte directly from any cells of sporophyte (remember the phrase apospory = up on sporophyte)

Apomixis: general term for vegetative reproduction in plants

Parthenogenesis: development of progenies from unfertilized eggs. Such individuals will be haploids, example: worker bees.

Parthenocarpy: development of fruits in plants without fertilization. Example: banana. Parthenocarpy can produce seedless fruits and hence have immense horticultural importance.

10. Ans. (b). Auxins

11. Ans. (c). Domain

12. Ans. (b). Orthologs

13. Ans. (b). Dam +

14. Ans. (b). E.coli

15. Ans. (c). DNA ligase

NET Life Science June 2016 Model Questions
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