biological chemistry

Enzyme Regulation Mechanisms: The Molecular Methods to Regulate Enzymes and Enzymatic Acitvity

what are regulatory enzymes

What are enzymes?

Ø  All living organisms in the world should possess TWO fundamental properties

Ø  They are:

(1). Must be able to self-replicate

(2). Must be able to catalyze chemical reactions efficiently and selectively

Ø  Enzymes are the molecules which enables each living entity to do these two fundamental activities

Ø  Enzymes are better known as biological catalysts

Ø  Almost all enzymes are highly specialized proteins

Ø  Ribozymes: RNA molecules with catalytic properties

Ø  Abzymes: antibodies with catalytic properties

What is enzyme regulation?

Ø  Enzyme regulation definition: “Process, by which cells can turn on, turn off, or modulate the activities of various metabolic pathways by regulating the activity of enzyme”

Ø  Enzymes have extraordinary catalytic power

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