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Difference between Tendons and Ligaments: Comparison Table

Tendon vs Ligament

Tendons vs Ligaments
(Similarities and Differences between Tendons and Ligaments)

Tendons and Ligaments are connective tissues* belong to the category of ‘Dense Granular Connective Tissues’. They are the essential component for the proper functioning of the skeletal and muscular system.

Tendons: Tendons are cord-like, strong, inelastic structures that join skeletal muscles to bones.

Ligaments: Ligaments are elastic structures which connect bones to bones in joints.

what is Tendon

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Similarities between Tendons and Ligaments

Ø  Both tendons and ligaments are connective tissues.

Ø  Both are dense-granular connective tissues.

Ø  Both composed of living cells.

Ø  Both contain plenty of collagens.

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