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Frequency Distribution Table: Definition with Examples + PPT

What is Frequency Distribution?

Frequency Table / Frequency Distribution
(Definition, Construction and Significance of Frequency Distribution)

In the previous post, we have discussed the concept of Tables and Tabulation of Variables in Statistics. Here we will discuss the concept of Statistical Tables better known as Frequency Distributions of Frequency Tables.

Statistical Tables

Ø  There are different types of tables in statistics.

Ø  The most common type of table in the statistics is ‘Frequency Table’ or ‘Frequency Distribution’.

Ø  Frequency Distribution definition: “The frequencies of occurrence of data values are presented in tabular form in the ascending order of magnitude”.

Ø  It is a statistical table that shows the frequency of various outcomes in a sample.

Ø  The frequency table shows the total for each category or group of data.

Example: A raw data and its frequency distribution is given below

Example of Frequency table

Ø  A frequency table composed of TWO components:

(1).   Class

(2).   Frequency

Class and Frequency

Ø  When a population is divided into small groups on the basis of some attributes or characteristics, each such group is considered as a class.

Ø  In each class, the number of individual value of that particular feature is one or many.

Ø  Such occurrence of individuals in a class is called frequency.

Thus a Frequency Table is “the arrangement of distribution of individuals of a class which displays the frequency of the individuals according to a characteristic.”

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Biostatistics Study Materials

Table and Tabulation of Data PPT

Biometric PPT

Tables and Tabulation PPT
(Graphical Representation of Data 1: Tables PPT and PDF)

What is Data or Variable? Why data is called variable in statistics? What are the importance of Data Presentation? What are the methods of Data Presentation? What is meant by Graphical Representation of Data? What is ‘tabulation’? Understand the concept of ‘data table’. Things to remember when creating a table

Learn more: Lecture Note in Tables and Tabulation

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Biostatistics Study Materials

Graphical Representation of Data 1: Tables and Tabulation with PPT

Classification of Data

Graphical Representation of Data- Part-1 – Tables & Tabulation
(Tabulation of Data and Things to Remember when Creating a Data Table)

“Science is organized knowledge…
Wisdom is organized life…
Immanuel Kant

What is Data or Variable?

Ø  Data or variables in biostatistics (statistics) are individual observations of a natural phenomenon or an experiment.

Ø  All scientific investigations involve observations on the variables.

Ø  Observations made on these variables are obtained in the form of DATA.

Ø  The reason for calling data as variables is because it has the tendency of variation.

Ø  For example, if you take the size of leaves of a rose plant with many leaves the value of the size of each leaf (individual data) shows variation.

Ø  The individual observations form the data and the data thus collected are called Raw Data.

Ø  The raw data is an ungrouped or unorganized data and it should be classified based on some criterions.

Ø  Only the classified or grouped data can be used for logical interpretations and further statistical analysis.

Data Representation Methods

Ø  Data presentation (representation): ‘For the maximum utilization of data and its correct interpretation, it should be presented in an appropriate way’.

Ø  Different types of data representations methods are:

(1).    Tables

(2).    Graphs / Charts

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