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Difference between Parenchyma and Collenchyma: A Comparison Table

collenchyma vs parenchyma

Parenchyma vs Collenchyma
(Similarities and Differences between Parenchyma and Collenchyma)

Parenchyma and Collenchyma are the Simple tissue System in Plants. The present post describes the similarities and differences between PARENCHYMA and COLLENCHYMA.

Similarities between Parenchyma and Collenchyma

Ø  Both parenchyma and collenchyma are simple permanent tissues in the plants.

Ø  Both are differentiated cells.

Ø  Both are living cells with primary cell wall.

Ø  Both cells possess cytoplasm and cell organelles including the nucleus.

Ø  Both are the components of ground tissue system in plants.

Ø  Both cells can do photosynthesis if chloroplasts are present in them.

Ø  Both can store food materials as starch grains.

Ø  Pits are absent in the cell wall of both parenchyma and collenchyma.

Ø  Plasmodesmatal connections between cells occur in both cells.

Differences between Parenchyma and Collenchyma

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Botany lecture notes

Difference Between Meristematic Tissues and Permanent Tissues in Plants

Meristem Vs Permanent Tissue

Meristematic Tissues Vs Permanent Tissues
Similarities and Difference between Meristematic Tissues and Permanent Tissues

Tissue is a group of cells with more or less common origin and doing a specific function. Plant tissues are broadly classified into two categories based on their capacity of cell division. They are (1) Meristematic tissues and (2) Permanent tissues. Meristem is a type of tissue system in plants, composed of a mass of undifferentiated cells and their primary function is to take part in the growth of plants.

Permanent tissues are differentiated tissues doing specific functions such as conduction, providing mechanical support or carrying out photosynthesis etc. Permanent tissues are originated and differentiated from meristematic tissues.

In this post we will discuss about the similarities and differences between two fundamentally different tissue systems namely Meristematic tissues and Permanent tissues.

Similarities between Meristematic Tissues and Permanent Tissues:

Ø  Both are tissue systems in plants

Ø  Both composed of group of cells, doing specific function

Ø  Meristematic tissues and some permanent tissues (parenchyma) are homogenous with a single type of cells

Difference between Meristematic Tissues and Permanent tissues:

(1). Meristematic Tissues:

(1). Meristematic tissue composed of undifferentiated cells

(2). Meristems will be always a simple tissue, composed of only one type of cells

(3). Cells are always living

(4). Cells always contain dense cytoplasm

(5). Cells always contain prominent nucleus

(6). Cells divide very rapidly

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