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CSIR JRF NET Life Sciences Exam: December 2016: Model Question Paper- Set 1/5

csir net jrf december 2016 question paper

CSIR JRF NET Life Sciences Examination: December 2016
Model Question Paper with Answer Key and Explanations – Set 1/5

1. The metal component of Nitrogenase enzyme is:

a.       Mananese
b.      Molybdenum
c.       Copper
d.      Zinc

2. The only plant hormone which is NOT translocated from the cells producing it:

a.       Auxin
b.      Ethylene
c.       Cytokinin
d.      Gibberillic acid

3. Ribosomal rRNA in eukaryotes are transcribed by:

a.       RNA Polymerase I
b.      RNA Polymerase II
c.       RNA Polymerase III
d.      RNA Polymerase I and III

4. RNA-DNA hybrid always adopt A form because of:

a.       Steric hindrance of –OH group in RNA
b.      Steric hindrance of –OH group in DNA
c.       Coiling of the molecule
d.      Presence of Uracil base in RNA

5. Which plant is the most efficient converter of solar energy?

a.       Wheat
b.      Sugarcane
c.       Rice
d.      Banana

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