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MCQ on Lipids and Fats (Biochemistry MCQ 009) with Answer Key

Fat triglyceride shorthand formula

An Unsaturated Fat (source wikipedia)

MCQ on Lipids, Fats & Waxes
Biochemistry MCQ 008
(Multiple Choice Questions in Biology / Life Science)
(Sample/Model/Practice Questions for JRF/NET Life Science Examination, ICMR JRF, DBT BET JRF, GATE, ICAR NET, PG Entrance)

(1). Which of the following molecule can act as molecular chaperons for assisting the folding of proteins?

a.      Carbohydrates
b.      Vitamins
c.       Lipids
d.      Amides

(2). Which of the following macro-molecule can be most structurally diverse among living world?

a.      Carbohydrates
b.      Proteins
c.       Nucleic acids
d.      Lipids

(3). Fat storing cells of vertebrates are called

a.      Hepatocytes
b.      Asterocytes
c.       Adipocytes
d.      Melanocytes

(4). The enzyme abundantly distributed in adipocytes and germinating seeds are

a.      Proteases
b.      Lipase
c.       Cellulase
d.      Nuclease

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