Biostatistics Study Materials

Graphical Representation of Data (Line Graph, Bar Diagram & Histogram)

Data Representation

Graphical Representation of Data: Part 1
(Diagrammatic Data Representation: Line Chart, Bar Diagrams and Histogram)

Graphical Representation of Data / Variables

Ø  The data presentation in statistics may be Numerical or Graphical.

Ø  If the data is presented in the numerical form, it will not attract the attention of the audience.

Ø  In order to attract the attention of the audience, Graphical Representation method is usually adopted.

Ø  Graphical Representation: It is the representation or presentation of data as Diagrams and Graphs.

Ø  The statistical graphs were first invented by William Playfair in 1786.

Ø  In graphical data representation, the Frequency Distribution Table is represented in a Graph.

Advantages of Graphical Representation of Data

Ø  Data are presented pictorially.

Ø  Give better insight and understanding of the data.

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