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MCQ on Mitochondria with Answer Key and Explanations (Cytology MCQ 01)

Mitochondrion mini

Cytology MCQ 01: MCQ on Mitochondria
 (Multiple Choice Questions in Biology / Life Science)
(Sample/Model/Practice Questions for JRF/NET Life Science Examination, ICMR JRF, DBT BET JRF, GATE, ICAR NET, PG Entrance)

(1). Which of the following cell organelle can be viewed by a light microscope?

a.      Ribosome
b.      Endoplasmic Reticulum
c.       Golgi
d.      Mitochondria

(2). Which of the following statement about mitochondria is NOT true?

a.      Size and shape of mitochondria varies in a cell
b.      Mitochondria in the cell can fuse with one another
c.       Large mitochondria in the call can split into two
d.      In all cells, one mitochondria will be exceptionally larger than others

(3). Nebenkern of insect sperm cells is a modified _________.

a.      Nucleus
b.      Golgi apparatus
c.       Mitochondria
d.      Centrosome

(4). Mitochondria in the human sperm cell are occupied at _________.

a.      Sperm head
b.      Mid piece
c.       Sperm tail
d.      No mitochondria in the sperms

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