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Difference between Leptosporangium and Eusporangium (Comparison Table)

Leptosporangium vs eusporangium Development

Eusporangia vs Leptosporangia
(Similarities and Differences between Leptosporangia and Eusporangia of Pteridophytes)

Sporangia are the specialized spore producing structures found in plants. In Pteridophytes, two types of sporangia are present. The two types of sporangia are (1) Eusporangium and (2) Leptosporangium. This classification is proposed by Goebel in 1881 based on the developmental pattern of sporangia. The spores produced in the Eusporangium are called eusporangiospores and those produced in the Leptosporangium are called leptosporangiospores.

Eusporangium: The sporangium develops from a GROUP of INITIAL cells and such a development is called development.

Leptosporangium: The sporangium develops from a SINGLE INITIAL cell and such a development is called Leptosporangiate development.

The present post describes the Similarities and Differences between a Eusporangium and Leptosporangium.

Similarities between Eusporangium and Leptosporangium

Ø  Both Eusporangia and Leptosporangia are the spore producing structures in vascular plants.

Ø  Both are formed on the sporophyll (a specialized leaf) of the diploid sporophytic plant.

Ø  Both produce haploid spores after meiosis.

Ø  The first division of the initials of both sporangia is periclinal (transverse division).

Difference between Eusporangium and Leptosporangium

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