ICMR JRF Practice Question Paper for July 2016 Examination (Part 5)

icmr papers for practice

(1). ABA catabolism is mediated by

a.       ABA-8’ carboxylase
b.      ABA-8’ hydroxylase
c.       ABA-8’ aminotransferase
d.      ABA-8’ oxygenase

(2). Nodulating genes in Rhizobium are influenced by the presence of which one of the following in the roots?

a.       Flavones
b.      Lignin
c.       Tannins
d.      Cellulose

(3). Which of the following techniques is used for the evaluation of phylogenetic trees?

a.       Null hypothesis
b.      Bootstrapping
c.       Chi-square
d.      Probability

(4). One PAM means one accepted point mutation per

a.       102 residues
b.      10 residues
c.       103 residues
d.      104 residues

(5). Intestinal flora cannot digest

a.       Cellulose
b.      Lignin
c.       Pectin
d.      Starch

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