ICMR JRF July 2017 Exam Model Question Paper (ICMR MCQ 06)

ICMR JRF Life Science Exam July 2017
Model Question Paper (6)
(Practice Questions with Answer Key)

ICMR JRF Model Question Paper

1.  The exact function of leg hemoglobin in the root nodule induced by Rhizobium in legume plants is:           

a.       Transport of oxygen
b.      Transport of Nitrogenase to the nodule
c.       Transport of nitrates from the nodule
d.      Protection of Nitrogenase enzyme

2. The genome of CaMV (Cauliflower Mosaic Virus) is:

a.       Single stranded RNA
b.      Single stranded DNA
c.       Double stranded DNA
d.      Double stranded RNA

3. The Wallace line separates:

a.       Australia from Asia
b.      Japan from Philippines
c.       India from Madagascar
d.      Europe from Africa

4.  Parthenium is a ______.

a.       K selected species
b.      r selected species
c.       Hydrophyte
d.      Parasite

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