ICMR JRF Practice Question Paper for July 2016 Examination (Part 5)

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(1). ABA catabolism is mediated by

a.       ABA-8’ carboxylase
b.      ABA-8’ hydroxylase
c.       ABA-8’ aminotransferase
d.      ABA-8’ oxygenase

(2). Nodulating genes in Rhizobium are influenced by the presence of which one of the following in the roots?

a.       Flavones
b.      Lignin
c.       Tannins
d.      Cellulose

(3). Which of the following techniques is used for the evaluation of phylogenetic trees?

a.       Null hypothesis
b.      Bootstrapping
c.       Chi-square
d.      Probability

(4). One PAM means one accepted point mutation per

a.       102 residues
b.      10 residues
c.       103 residues
d.      104 residues

(5). Intestinal flora cannot digest

a.       Cellulose
b.      Lignin
c.       Pectin
d.      Starch

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ICMR JRF Model Question Paper July 2016 Part 4 (ICMR JRF Mock Test)

ICMR JRF Life Science Exam July 2016
(Practice Questions with Answer Key Part 4)

icmr jrf july 2016 question paper


(1). What are zooxanthellae?

a.       Deep sea dwelling brightly pigmented fish
b.      Algae living in corals
c.       A species of crab
d.      Xanthomonas infected zooplankton

(2). Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B have nearly identical phenotypes, but they result from mutations in different gens on the X chromosome. This is an example of

a.       Locus heterogeneity
b.      Epistatic interaction
c.       Double heterozygosity
d.      Variable expressivity

(3). Natural killer cells can be detected in human peripheral blood using

a.       Anti-cd3 antibody
b.      Anti-cd25 antibody
c.       Anti-cd69 antibody
d.      Anti-cd16 antibody

(4). Balanced genetic polymorphism occurs when there is selection against

a.       Heterozygotes
b.      All genotypes
c.       All homozygotes
d.      Only homozygous recessive

(5). Xth nerve is an example of

a.       Mixed cranial nerve
b.      Sensory cranial nerve
c.       Spinal nerve
d.      Motor nerve

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