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Hyphal Modifications in Fungi (Mycelial Aggregations in Fungi)

mycelial aggregations in fungi

Modifications of Mycelium in Fungi

Ø  In majority of fungi, hyphae are simple

Ø  In some advanced fungi, hyphae may undergo certain modification in response to functional needs

Ø  Hyphal modifications are hyphal aggregations are required to do specific functions during the life cycle of fungi

Ø  Important hyphal modifications in fungi are:

(1). Prosenchyma

(2). Pseudoparenchyma

(3). Rhizomorphs (Mycelial cords)

(4). Sclerotium (pl. Sclerotia)

(5). Appressorium (pl. Appressoria)

(6). Haustorium (pl. Haustoria)

(7). Stroma

(8). Snares (hyphal traps)

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