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Enzymes in Plant Pathogenesis (Host Parasite Interactions-Part I)

Host Parasite Interactions

(Plant-Pathogen Interaction Part I: Enzymes in Plant Pathology)

What are the enzymes involved in pathogenesis (plant pathology)?

Most of the fungal and bacterial parasites produce many enzymes that degrade the plant materials in vivo. Enzymes involved in pathogenesis or virulence (process of disease initiation) includes both constitutive and inducible enzymes.

(1). Constitutive enzymes are those enzymes which are present all the time in the cells.

(2). Inducible enzymes are those enzymes which are produced only when they are needed by the cells in response to certain internal or external stimuli.

Important classes of enzymes involved in pathogenesis are:

(1). Cutinases

(2). Pectinases

(3). Cellulases

(4). Hemicellulases

(5). Ligninases

(6). Lipases

(7). Proteinases

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